Reverse Engineering, Revisions & 3D Printing

Here’s a small introduction of my “private” life… I’am not a fan of throwing away things especially when they are so called “defect”, I also love the “good” ol’ quality and design of the products from back in the days. Sadly we quickly moved into the consumer throw away world, we have so many product made from plastics which makes barbie even jealous! I’d rather have a product that lasts a decades instead of those 5 year plans. Anyways… I […]

3D Modelling Exercise Important?!

cause of work I use Technical Drawing Software more and more lately like Inventor / Solidworks / Fusion 360, which means I don’t use Entertainment 3D Modelling Software less than I normally do. That can also mean you are “forgetting” features or tools or handy workflows you have learned over the years. It’s like critical thinking but this time with clicking… for example: Normally I click this and that. scroll 2 times down and click the menu because you are […]

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