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Reverse Engineering & 3D Printing

Here’s a small introduction of my “private” life… I’am not a fan of throwing away things especially when they are so called “defect”, I also love the “good” ol’ quality and design of the products from back in the days. Sadly we quickly moved into the consumer throw away world, we have so many product made from plastics which makes barbie even jealous! I’d rather have a product that lasts a decades instead of those 5 year plans.

Anyways… I also love the looks of the 60’s ~ 80’s products and yes I still love modern products, but the 70’s / 80’s is just something special… As we already know those products aren’t being made anymore so this is why I started to repair those products since the parts are not available anymore.

These two render below are from the final product.

AER-9 Laser Rifle – Sniper Barrel + Marksman Stock

Since you can modify your weapons in Fallout 4 I modified my AER-9 Laser Rifle with a “Heavy Barrel”. Ingame when you apply this modification it increases the damage of the shots BUT it also looks Awesome and Chunky! This one will include sounds, lights and maybe a smoke generator behind the “Heat-sink” of the Laser Barrel.