Product Design

This is my "Product" Design Page, here you see mostly products like Toys / Replica's of Movies and Games.
I also do Jewelry Design but the renders are not ready yet, so this page is still under construction and will be split in sub pages later on.

To see more keep scrolling down to the bottom or use the "Filters" below.

On the left is a Render of a Die-Cast Emblem which was made for a High-End Guitar Amplifier.
The Signature Products I was working on were the DAR FBM-100 DAR FBM-100H (Studio Version), DAR Demon Core Pedal Amplifier.

DAR Amplification, LLC focuses on developing cutting edge technology.
Our passion at DAR is to create unique products based on innovative new designs, old school principles, and modern technologies….. applied to the requirements of guitarists and bassists of today."

After years of work and research and fake / broken promises the company went bankrupt and I NEVER got my Amplifier Back!

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